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Toninho Horta,
Brazil /Jazz-World Music

"Brazilian Rythm Ambassador"
(*Guitar Player 90*)

….What carried the set was the rhythm in the guitar playing, particularly when Mr. Horta and Mr. Higgins would turn a vamp into a crescendo of shifting syncopations. For the last tune, "Minas Train," Mr. Horta had the audience clapping along, a rare event in jazz clubs… (The New York Times-By JON PARELES -Published: December 3, 1992)

"...worked with many great jazz artists including Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny (Toninho is one of his heroes), Joe Pass, Toots Thielemans, Bobby McFerrin and many many others. Toninho Horta is truly one genius to go and check out whenever you get a chance!..." (All About Jazz 2001)

6th Annual Latin GRAMMY® AwardsKategorie 35
Best MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira)
Album : Com o Pé No Forró /Toninho Horta /Minas Records&xnbsp;


2. Brasilianisches Musik- und Filmfestival: FILM ERZÄHLT MUSIK 
Toninho Horta (Gitarre, Gesang)
Alessandro Palmitessa (Saxophon)
Antoine Fillon (Drums) Francesco Angiuli (Kontrabass)

Zapata Stuttgart
Pragstraße 120
70376 Stuttgart
"Film erzählt Musik" (PDF, 312 kB) 


2. Brasilianisches Musik- und Filmfestival: FILM ERZÄHLT MUSIK 

Eröffnungskonzert mit Toninho Horta & Palmitessa Banda
Toninho Horta (Gitarre, Gesang)
Alessandro Palmitessa (Saxophon)
Antoine Fillon (Drums) Francesco Angiuli (Kontrabass)

Venloerstr. 40
50672 Köln
Tel. 0221/9529940
Einlass ab 20.00 Uhr
"Film erzählt Musik" (PDF, 312 kB) 

Europa Tour 2008

Toninho Horta guitar concert and Palmitessa trio (Guitar,Saxophones/clarinet,percussion)

Toninho Horta guitar concert and Palmitessa Group (Guitar,Saxophones/clarinet, percussion,drums,doublebass)

With three albums released in 1995 ("Durango Kid - part II - USA, Terra dos Passaros"- Brazil and "Foot On The Road" - Japan), Toninho Horta has sufficient proofs that his projection in international show business has got solid roots in the peculiarity of his music, which come up by his great virtuosity on the instrument and the harmonic conceptions of his compositions.

Guitar player, composer and singer, the artist from Minas Gerais has shown Brasilian music all over the world and, for over a decade, has been winning the respect of a solid international audience, that rapidly esteem the uniqueness of his work. Ranked as the 5th world's best guitar player by British magazine "Melody Maker" in 1977 and the 7th in 1978, Toninho naturally solidified his career abroad. After playing and recording with Milton Nascimento, Elis Regina, Gal Costa and Nana Caymmi, among others, he decided to assume himself as a composer and went for solo career. In 1980, the year of his first album, "Terra dos Passaros", it was definitely showed the necessity of improvement of his individual work that would bring up the singularity of his music. From that point it was the natural way through which he concieved complex and unique harmonies in his composition that gradually caused the recognition by great Brasilian and international musicians, giving Toninho Horta a chance to represent Brazilian music in several countries, always as a musician and a composer of esteemed reputation.

In 1983 he was honored with the title of "Honorary Citizen of the city of Austin"(USA), for the success of his show performed in that city. Settled in New York since 1990, he took part in a great party in that city, playing in honor to British actor Laurence Olivier and, as requested by guitar player Pat Metheny, performed a guitar duo during famous Robert Durvall's wedding ceremony.

He regulary comes back to Brazil to develop projects and get feed back from human and cultural richness that arranges his roots in Belo Horizonte. According to Toninho, his composition would never be the same without the family and friendship ties that keep him permanently in Brazil. Toninho has played in "Club Blue Note" Tokyo - Japan with the Brazilian singer Joyce; at the opening ceremony of the sophisticated "Jazz Club Camelot" of Seoul - Korea; and performed in a solo tour in several countries with great success of audience and criticism. Toninho had been invited by japanese group UNICON and POLYDOR record company to take part in CD in benefit of victims of Kobe (Japan), beside Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarret, Pat Metheny and Ryuich Sakamoto. The name of the album is "A Big Hand For Hanshin", and has just been released in the Japanese Market.

In the last five years, Toninho has shown his work in countries like England, Russia, Japan, Korea, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia , Croatia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Azores, Martinique, Switzerland, Austria and the USA. Due to many travels around the world he concentrated his energy on the release of his new CD "Foot On The Road" in Brazil. The album was out in November/94 by POLYGRAM and he toured many capital cities in Brazil showing this work. For the CD "Foot On The Road" Toninho counted on the performances of Dominguinhos (accordion), Omar Hakim (drums), Victor Bailey (bass), Darrel Tooks (vocals), Akiko Yano (vocals), Onage Allan Gumbs (keyboards) and Willian Gallison (harmonica), in the recordings that took place at Power Station Studios in New York in june of 1994.

In the repertoire, there are seven new compositions by Toninho (Party in Olinda - Mocidade - Foot On The Road - Afternoons in Thailand - Akiko's Song - Tecno Burger - NenÈl), and other three by other composers, including the classic "Moon River" by Henry Mancini. This was the biggest financed production directed to a work of Toninho Horta. Japanese POLYDOR invested in the project with the certainty of the success of "Foot On The Road" over the world. This feedback actually appears in sales in Japan, Europe, Brazil and USA.

Abroad Toninho Horta has recorded and traveled on tour with : - Pat Metheny - George Duke - SÈrgio Mendes - Manhatan Transfer - Kenny Baron - Gil Goldstein - Gil Evans Orchestra - Akiko Yano - Jack Lee - Rudi Berger - Michael Franks - Flora Purim - Astrud Gilberto - Toshihiro Nakanishi - Billy Higgins - Gary Peacok - Omar Hakin - Victor Bailey - Onage Allan Gumbs - Phillip Catherine - Joe Pass - Joe Diorio - Abraham Laboriel - Danny Gotlieb - Mark Egan - Nan· Vasconcelos - Paquito De Rivera - Randy Breacker - Paul Sakolov - Steve Thorton - Steve Rodby - Russell Ferrant - Billy Drewes - Jim Beard - Airto Moreira - Wayne Shorter - Takeshi Ito - Mike Goodwick - Kennwood Denard - Wallace Roney - Cliff Korman - Andy Snitzer - Carol Steele - Eliane Elias - Paul Zauner - Willian Galison - Larry Carlton - Michael Gerber - Idriss Boldriwa - Billy Hart - Miasawa e grupo "The Boom".

In Brazil Toninho Horta has works done with : - Tom Jobim - Elis Regina - Gal Costa - Milton Nascimento - Maria Bethania - Jane Duboc - Caetano Veloso - MPB 4 - Simone - Leni Andrade - Joao Bosco - Hermeto Pascoal - Beto Guedes - LÙ Borges - Wagner Tiso - Nivaldo Ornelas - Edu Lobo - Boca Livre - AlaÌde Costa - Nana Caymmi - Dori Caymmi - Dominguinhos - Nico Assumpçao - Paulo Moura - Nelson Ayres - M·rcio Montarroyos - Joyce - LuÌs Alves - Raul de Souza - Leila Pinheiro - Paulo Braga - Yuri Popoff - EmÌlio Santiago - Robertinho Silva - Peri Ribeiro - LuÌz EÁa - Andrè Dequech - Halley Flamarion - Aecio Flavio - Marlene - Rafael Rabelo - Sebastiao Tapajos - Eduardo Conde - Jaques Morelembaum - Nelson Angelo - Lena Horta - Esdras Ferreira - Ma·cha - Mauro Senise - LÈo Gandelman - Armando MarÁal - Djalma Corr'a - Chiquito Braga - Faf· de BelÈm - Tavinho Moura - Fernando Brant - Ronaldo Bastos - Marcio Borges

Important projects by Toninho Horta:

- He organized the "1st SEMINARIO BRASILEIRO DA MUSICA INSTRUMENTAL" in Ouro Preto - Minas Gerais suported by UFOP(Federal University of Ouro Preto) and MinistÈrio da Cultura (Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture). During 20 days, 24 concerts, 23 workshops, 10 lectures were performed and other 30 different courses taugh for players and singer daily. (1986)

- Musical Director of the project for the record and concert "A HORA DA ESTRELA" written by Clarice Lispector and perfored by Maria Bethania. (1985)

- Musical Director of the project "PLANETA TERRA" of IBM, with "Orquestra SinfÙnica JÛvem de Campinas", which took place in Parque Ibirapuera

- Sao Paulo for nan audience of 50 thousand people. (1989)

- Participation in the CD "Guitar Tribute to BEATLES - COME TOGETHER" playing "She's Living Home" with guitar players: Ralph Towner, John Abercombe, Steve Khan, Larry Coryell, Toots Thielemans, Mark Whitfild, Allan Holdsworth. (1993)

- Workshops at BERKLEE SCHOOL OF MUSIC (Boston - EUA), GUITAR INSTITUTE OF TECNOLOGY (Los Angeles - EUA) and CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC (Graz - Austria), among others. (1994)

- Participation in the beneficent CD "A Big Hand for Hanshin" for the earthquake victims in Kobe - Japan. Among the guests were Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarret, Pat Metheny and Ruich Sakamoto. (1995)

- Creator of "LIVRVO DA M/SICA BRASILEIRA", a compedium with 400 scores of the works of the most important Brazilian composers. Supported by Secretaria de Cultura de Minas Gerais and UFOP. (1995) Festivals and others events that Toninho Horta took part:

- Classified in the 2nd Festival Internacional da Canão Popular (FIC), in Maracananzinho with the song "Maria Madrugada"(with Junia Horta) and "NÈm È Carnaval" (with Marcio Borges) (Rio -1967)

- Classified in the 4nd Festival Internacional da Cançao Popular (FIC), in Maracananzinho with the song "Correntes"(partnership Marcio Borges) (Rio -1969)

- Participation in the historic concert "TOM & ELIS" as guitar player of the orchestra, in Teatro Nacional. (Rio -1970)

- Participation in the FESTIVAL DE MIDEM of Cannes with Gal Costa. (France-1973)

- Show and live recording of "Milagres dos Peixes", with Milton Nascimento and Grupo Som Imagin·rio and Orchestra, in Teatro Municipal (Sao Paulo) and Teatro Joao Caetano (Rio de Janeiro). (Brazil-1974)

- Show with TONINHO HORTA & ORQUESTRA FANTASMA in Sala Villa Lobos at Teatro Nacional. Considered as the first popular show performed in that place. (BrasÌlia-1981)

- Participation in PROJETO PIXINGUINHA with Mi·cha and Jane Duboc in southern Brazil. (Brazil-1982)

- Duo performance with American guitar player Pat Metheny in Robert Duvall's wedding ceremony. (Canada-1982)

- Trio performance in the "BEER MOUTAIN FESTIVAL" in Woodstook with Paulo Moura (sax) and Karl Berger (xylophone). (USA-1982)

- Toninho Horta and band performance in the 2nd FREE JAZZ FESTIVAL with Toots Thielemans and Bob McFerrin (Teatro Anhembi-Sao Paulo - 1985)

- Performance in the 1st and 2nd "Concerto BRAHMA EXTRA" with several participants. (Teatro Municipal-Rio-1987/88 )

- Solo performance in ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL in the same show with Marisa Monte. (Londres-1992)

- Toninho Horta's band performance in "MOSKOW-RIO-NEW YORK JAZZ FESTIVAL" in the October Hall and White Columns Hall. (Moskow-1992)

- Solo performance in "Viva Brasil"Festival at the PALAIS DES BEAUX ARTS in the same show with Caetano Veloso . (Bruxelas-1992)

- Performance in "Jazz - Sons de uma longa Historia" Festival at Salao Teatro Praiense with American harmonica player Willian Galliston. (Azores/Portugal-1993)

- TONINHO HORTA TRIO performed with Gary Peacock e Billy Higgins at 1st HEINEKEN IN CONCERT - Teatro Nacional. (Rio-1993 )

- Participation in the 11th MARTINIQUE CARREFOUR MONDIAL DE LA GUITARE with belgium guitar player Phillip Catherine. This Festival was organized by famous Cuban musician LÈo Brower. (Fort de France-Martinique-1994)

- Participation in the 1st MACEI JAZZ FESTIVAL with his band and guest saxofonist Nivaldo Ornelas . (Praia da PajuÁara-Alagoas-1995)

- "Minas AlÈm das Gerais", cultural project performed in April 1996-Sala Villa Lobos at Teatro Nacional de Brasilia. (Brazil-1996)

- United Nations - "International Drug Control Program". He participated by performing the national anthem on solo guitar and then his own most famous song with the "Orquestra Fantasma". (Brasilia-Brazil-1996)

- Participated in Popular Concerts promoted by Fundaçao Cultural de Brasilia in Sala Villa Lobos at Teatro Nacional de Brasilia. (Brazil-1996)


- Beto Guedes, Danilo Caymmi, Novelli e Toninho Horta EMI-ODEON (Brazil - 1973)

- Terra dos P·ssaros Independente (Brazil - 1980) DUBAS/WEA (Brazil - 1995)

- Diamond Land POLYGRAM/VERVE (USA - 1988)

- Moonstone POLYGRAM/VERVE (USA - 1989)

- Once I Loved POLYGRAM/VERVE (USA - 1992)

- Durango Kid - Part I BIG WORLD MUSIC (USA - 1993)

- Live in Moskow B & W RECORDS (England - 1994)

- Toninho Horta & DUBAS/WEA (Brazil - 1994) Carlos Fernando

- Foot On The Road POLYDOR K.K. (JAPAN - 1994)

- Toninho Horta & Joyce SHINSEI-DO (JAPAN - 1995)